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Mr Male's Weekly Challenge

On Thursday morning we participated in Mr Male's Weekly Challenge. The challenge this week was to balance a broom stick on an open hand for as long as possible. We all had a go and found it very difficult as the broom was fairly heavy.

After a few turns, Mr Male saw that we were having a go at his challenge and gave us some tips. He told us that looking up at the top of broom helps to balance it on your hand and to move a lot. He also told us that he could balance it for 40 minutes over the school holidays. After these tips, Cuba and Iris were able to hold the broom stick longer.

Throughout the challenge, the children were able to explore their autonomy and resilience when the broom stick fell and they had to try again. The children were also able to practise their communication skills as they encouraged each other and gave each other tips. They also looked out for each other when the broom stick fell, so no one would get injured.

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