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Reading Garden Bookmarks

This morning, a few children created book markers for reading garden. We used colouring pencils and our imagination to decorate the book markers so they would be bright and visible in the shelves. The book markers were laminated so they will last longer.

This activity was a great choice for the morning activity. Considering there are less children attending in the mornings, it was a relaxing activity that the children could participate in to calm themselves before the school day. The children used colouring pencils which focussed their minds on the development of their fine motor skills by manipulating pencils to draw both small and large pictures. This was a positive activity as it engaged the children to work independently as well as allowing them the opportunity to compliment their peers on the work they are doing which occurred many times during the activity. The children were pleased with the purpose of the task, as it meant the book shelves can stay tidy and upright.

The learning outcomes for this activity were met as the children were not given a template to follow, rather given the opportunity to create their own designs and pictures. We will definitely repeat this activity another morning or afternoon to create more book markers, and encourage more children to grab a book and read.

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