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1/6 BSC The Book With No Pictures

This morning Nicky read the story titled, A Book With No Pictures, to the children. The children thought it was hilarious making Nicky say all the funny words in the book. After reading, Nicky asked the children what made listening to the story entertaining. "It was funny!" and "you had great expression", were the most common comments. Nicky then discussed expression in story telling with the children and then started to read the story again. This time, the children took turns reading the story, focusing on their expression in order to entertain their audience.

Through the activity the children were able to place value on and explore the art of story telling. The children focused on the importance of expression in conveying the intended meaning to the audience. The children also developed confidence and a sense of belonging through reading and performing in front of the group, with support from their peers and educators.

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