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11/5 Monday Afternoon Gratitude Trees

Today the children created their own gratitude trees using paint and their thumb prints to show what they are grateful for. Before we started this activity we discussed what gratitude is and what it means to be grateful and had a discussion about different things that we are grateful for. The children then started by painting the trunk and branches of their tree, moving onto painting their thumbs and placing them on the paper to create the leaves. We then wrote down some things that each child is grateful for and wrote them in our leaves. The children love being able to paint with their hands and were really excited to think about some things that they are grateful for and that make them happy.

This activity was great because it got the children thinking about what things in their life they appreciate in their lives in a fun way. The children needed a bit of prompting to think of some things they are grateful for, however they really got going once they had a few ideas. It was great to see the children expressing and communicating what they are grateful and it allowed them to bounce ideas off each other and give them ideas they might not have thought of. We also modified the activity to do our own individual gratitude trees rather than a communal one, to extend the activity and allow them to customise it to their own personal experiences.

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