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12/6 Rosemary Experiment and Treasure Hunt

This morning, the children went into the OSHC garden to cut stalks of Rosemary. An experiment was then conducted whereby water was poured into a jar with Rosemary placed inside. The Children theorised that over time the Rosemary roots would grow and the water would turn a murky yellow colour. Today's experiment saw the children engaging with the environment in a respectful way. They were excited to be in the OSHC garden cutting their own stalk of rosemary. Collectively, they brainstormed a hypothesis for what might happen when Rosemary is left in water over the weekend. Their sharing of ideas was respectful and well considered with each child contributing to the discussion.

This afternoon the children participated in a treasure hunt where gems were hidden all over the fitness trail by an educator for the children to seek. The children then separated into 'finders' and 'hiders' so everyone was able to participate in the activity. This activity allowed for the children to think of creative hiding spots, and use physical activity to seek out the hidden gems. The children were enthusiastic to participate in this activity, and were actively using their PAWS. Some children gathered into teams to assist each other while others preferred to work independently. The children were able to practice their communication skills by helping each other, and offering hints to their peers.

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