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13/5 Wednesday Afternoon Bikes and Scooters

This afternoon the programmed activity was bikes and scooters play, however, since no children brought their bikes or scooters to school we decided to create some advertisement for the program. Some children came up with the idea to create some posters they could put on the front OSHC door as it was a central place where people walking by would see and be informed.

The older students created the posters and asked the younger students to help them colour in and draw pictures to accompany the advertisement. Due to the low numbers at school and current covid-19 situation, the children thought advertisement would be a great idea as it would inform those that are at school that we still have bikes and scooter play Wednesdays. They thought the front OSHC door would be a good place to put the posters as it was where the kids and parents would be exposed to it the most. The children also thought they would possibly create a small movie video, but that idea did not go through as there were not many kids involved at the time, so an exciting idea for future planning.

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