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14/5 Thursday Morning Cyclone in a Glass

This morning the children did an experiment where they made Tornado's in a glass using water, dish washing liquid and glitter. The children first started off by coming up with an hypothesis to understand what they thought might happen when all the materials were put together. They followed the instruction sheet thoroughly and put everything in the jar that was needed.

All the children worked really well together and listened to the instructions that were given. It was a great use of their fine motor skills as they had to carefully put the materials in the jar and be careful not to spill the glitter. Once we had tested the experiment and made the materials spin like a tornado, we let it sit for a couple of minutes to see what would happen to the glitter; whether it was going to sink to the bottom or stay floating along the surface of the water. We partially proved our hypothesis correct as the glitter did sink to the bottom once it sat for a minute but there was also a layer of glitter on the surface as well.

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