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16/6 Trust High Fives and Nature Craft

Today the children got to experience Trust High Fives, an activity designed to stimulate the children to reflect upon specific adults that they trust. The children traced the outline of their hands, coloured it in, and wrote the names of five adults they trust on the fingers. The children were able to explain to other children how the activity was run, and enjoyed discussing the Seven Steps to Safety at Mayfield OSHC as well as creatively colouring in. The children used this activity to reflect upon what adults in their lives had the biggest influence and discussed which ones they trusted the most. One important point to take note of is the children had a strong respect for their parents, and notably, educators, grandparents, and/or teachers. The children also enjoyed discussing why these adults cared for them, and ways in which they cared for them.

This afternoon the children gathered sticks, leaves and pieces of bark to make their own nature craft. In addition to this they added beads and paddle pop sticks for some colour. As a collective group, we discussed the importance of collecting dead pieces of nature, rather than killing live trees/plants in order to use them for their art. Some of the Children suggested that it is important to respect nature and to only take what we need. It was fantastic to see them being mindful of there surrounding environment as they created a range of artworks.

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