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17/6 Pop Up Tag and Origami Bookmarks

This morning before the children went to class, we played a game of Pop Up Tag. We explained the game for the children who had never played before and then as a refresh for kids who had. They were all inclusive and playing fairly with each other without any disagreements or arguing. Some of the older children decided that they were going to team up and form alliances to help their chances of winning. The activity was a great opportunity for the children to run around and get some physical activity in before going to class. They all cooperated really well with the other children and the educators. There were a couple of older students who had decided that they wanted to team up and form alliances executing some of the values of PAWS like working as a team and showing respect. They all demonstrated positive social play and inclusiveness between each other. It was also a great activity to help the children develop some of their gross motor skills, coordination and tactic abilities giving them the opportunity to run around and exert some energy before going to class.

This afternoon the some of the children at after school care made origami bookmarks. We used coloured origami paper, a range of colouring pencils, textas and crayons, and stick on googly eyes to make cute and creative bookmarks. The children who participated used the instructive photographs to make their bookmarks, and as they got the hang of correctly folding the paper, they made multiple bookmarks with various designs including marvel superheroes, ice creams, and monsters. The children practised their fine motor skills and tested their creativity throughout this activity. Children from prep through to year 3 really enjoyed this activity, with some children spending their whole afternoon making origami bookmarks. They loved that they could take their bookmark home and put it to good use.

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