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22/5 Friday Afternoon Disco Games

This afternoon the children played disco games at the ramp, the games consisted of limbo and musical statues. The children then were able to explain the rules and run other disco games that they have played. The children were able to extend the activity on their own and the activity was run by the children.

This activity allowed the children to explore locomotive play, and develop their gross motor skills. The activity allowed the children to experiment with different types of dancing, with children showing dance moves they had learnt in their dance classes. The children enjoyed participating in all parts of the activity by taking on leadership roles of holding the stick in limbo, and pressing play/pause in musical statues, and calling out the different instructions. The children also extended the activity by creating their own game where they made their up their own moves to do, such as 'Dance like a monkey' and 'Swim like a fish', allowing the children to experiment with their imagination and creativity. This activity allowed for the children to demonstrate their PAWS by taking on leadership roles, working together with their peers and being responsible for their surroundings and peers.

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