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22/5 Friday Morning Gardening

This morning, we decided to begin to clean up the indigenous garden to begin to plant some new plants. The Educator described what we were planning to do with the garden and to hopefully turn it into a bush tucker garden. The children were excited with this plan and were keen to start working towards this. They began to pull weeds and dead plants out of the garden and they worked together to do so. When they would pull the weeds and roots out, they got really excited and were exclaiming "look how big this one is!". After we were happy with how well we cleaned the space, we dug holes out to plant the plants the we obtained; a lemon myrtle tree and a fig tree. The children learned in this activity that we need to continue to look after the land and our gardens in order for the plants to grow. Due to these plants being edible plants, we need to take care of the land for the land to feed us. The children valued the teamwork and the eight ways of learning through this spontaneous activity.

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