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25/5 BSC Reconciliation Yarning

This morning the children participated in a yarning about reconciliation, the children were really engaged in this and were really respectful of each other and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples. We started the conversation by talking about reconciliation in terms of their friendships and other relationships using words like harmony, respectful and peace. From then we started speaking about reconciliation for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, how their communities were treated really poorly by the settlers and how we need to make amends and say sorry. The children thought about how this would make them feel and how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples might have felt.

The children were really engaged and respectful during this conversation. They were coming up with really considerate words like harmony, respectful and peace. It was great to see the children wanting to participate and learn more about what happened and what that means for reconciliation. The children were also really interested in participating in more activities to connect with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures.

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