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28/6 ASC Picture Story Telling

This afternoon we used some common symbols that Aboriginal Peoples have traditionally used in story telling, to tell our own stories. We even created some of our own symbols to express our message. We drew one story as a group and then made stories on our own or in groups. We then took turns reading each others's stories. During our story telling we realised that the order in which we drew the pictures, or the path, was really important so that those reading the story told it in the right order, expressing our intended meaning.

The children were very excited to explore an alternative method of story telling, through using symbols and without saying a word. The Aboriginal Peoples' Symbols chart acted as a key and engaging with this meant that everyone was able to understand each others' stories without saying a word. In doing so, the children were able to develop an appreciation for an aspect of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples' culture, specifically a non-verbal method of story telling, using symbols and images.

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