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4/6 ASC Coke and Mentos Science Experiment

This afternoon the children investigated what would happen if you put mentos into a bottle of coke. As most children have already done this experiment before, they knew that mentos in a coke bottle would cause a big fizzle reaction. Therefore, prior to the experiment the children hypothesised what they thought would happen if they

1. Put mentos into a cup of coke

2. Put mentos into coke in a bottle

3. Put more mentos into coke in a bottle after reaction

The children had a lot of fun predicting what would happen and seeing the experiment take place. After the experiment we discussed what had happened and the scientific reasons behind why it happened.

All the hypotheses predicted that there would be some form of fizzling/bubble reaction but they were curious to see if the mentos in the cup would also have a big reaction. As a group they also predicted small fizzles would occur when mentos is placed into coke bottle after initial reaction. This allowed the children to engage in opportunities to draw from their prior knowledge and develop new knowledge through conversation with their peers and the world around them.

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