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8/6 ASC Ocean Awareness Story Writing

This afternoon the children enjoyed making an artwork about what we can do to help the animals in the ocean. The children drew an ocean creature of their choice, and wrote a sentence about what we can do to protect sea life, such as 'pick up rubbish on the beach' and 'don't use plastic bags'. A range of media was used including pencil, felt pens and crayons, and the children worked together to share the space on the paper.

This activity was engaging for many of the children who enjoy drawing and being creative. The children were proud of the artwork they produced and were required to interact with one another to come up with things that we can do to look after the ocean. Discussions were facilitated by the educator with the children around the purpose of the activity (ocean awareness day) and why they think it is important that we look after ocean animals. This activity allowed for the children to develop an understanding and appreciation for the ocean environment, and give them ideas about what they can do to protect their favourite sea animals. Older children helped the younger ones with their writing and drawings.

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