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8/6 BSC Ocean Animals Craft

This morning the children created sea animals out of various craft materials. They used materials such as paddle pop sticks, beads, shells, paper plates and cups and different colour wool and paper. Some children used the prompts provided to start their animal but then began to be creative with decorating.

The children engaged well with the activity, the activity provided the opportunity for the children to be creative but also think about what each animal looks like. They were informed that we were celebrating World Ocean Day by doing this craft. While it was difficult to engage in conversations about the importance to look after the ocean, the activity was well enjoyed. They also worked together to create new designs and ideas with the beads and wool. Some children even merged some animals together, making octopus/jellyfish creations. The children were curious as to what some animals looked like and for example how many tentacles or eyes they had.

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