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Action Dice

On Friday afternoon the children created action dice. There were templates with actions already printed on them and blank ones as well, so the children had the option to use their creativity and come up with their own actions. The children enjoyed creating their own actions from the blank templates such as "be a fairy" and "be a mermaid".

The children were able to develop their fine and gross motor skills, as well as developing their non-verbal skills. When the children were constructing their dice, they were manipulating the paper by folding it, cutting the paper, and drawing/writing the actions. They would then develop their gross motor skills and non-verbal skills by using the dice and following the actions. They were using imaginative play to pretend to "fly like superman" and "run like flash". The movement in this activity let the children engage in locomotive play as well. The younger children needed some assistance from educators to help them create their dice, but were able to act more independently when playing with the dice.

This activity was originally just going to be the dice that already have actions on them, but was extended to include blank templates for the children to create their own actions. This was very effective and allowed the children to think creatively about the actions, engaging in imaginative play by relating the actions to magical creatures.

The children were consistent in cleaning up after themselves demonstrating their PAWS for "showing respect" for their school environment.

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