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Beach Risk Assessment

As highlighted in a previous post, risk assessments are an important part of excursions and the different areas at OSHC. It is especially important to update and revise the risk assessment prior the event. We have attached a new risk assessment for todays's excursion that outlines the plans for today's excursion, the risk and assessment, as well as the new changes. As transportation can present a heightened risk to children when they get in or out of the vehicles and when they arrive at or leave the service, it is important that we are consistently up to date on new changes and ensure the safety of our children. If you are interested in finding our more information about the Transportation changes, please have a look at

Risk Assessment Document file:///C:/Users/admin/OneDrive/Desktop/Bulcock%20Beach%20Excursion%20RMP%20-%204-4-23.pdf

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