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Friday Afternoon Skipping Fun

On Friday afternoon the children participated in group and individual skipping where they were able to use and advance some of their skills that they had already learnt and use them to show other children. The children were very proud of how well they were all skipping.

The activity was a great opportunity for the children to show each other some of the skills that they have learnt with some group skipping. They practiced how to run in and start skipping in the middle and then running out. Then once they had mastered this they then learnt how to quickly run in and run out consecutively as a group and get a good flow going. Skipping was such a hit with the children that we even had a couple of parents join in on the fun. It was so exciting to see all the children working together, supporting and cheering on everyone else! They all demonstrated impeccable communication skills and team work when they started to get the hang of it and it was a great opportunity for some of the older children to help and support some of the younger ones. It was a great afternoon activity to get all the children laughing and having fun with each other.

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