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Handprint Painting

On Tuesday afternoon we experimented with painting with our hands! The children were excited to work together to create one painting and get messy using their hands. We originally started by using our handprint to create flowers before moving to creating animals using our hands and then experimenting with mixing colours and using our hands to smear the paint.

This activity was great because the children got to experiment with mixing colours together to create other colours. The educator asked the children each time what colours they mixed together to make their new colours to get them thinking about the different processes that they followed. This activity was also great for their sensory development as they were able to feel what the paint felt like to put on their hands and explore the different textures. The children worked well together and were respectful of each other as they had to work on the same painting. This activity also attracted children ranging from prep through to grade 6, and they were very excited and enthusiastic about participating.

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