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How's your Memory?

This morning the children played a memory game where they had to remember a number of items on the ground and recall them as the items were taken away one at a time. These items ranged from small toys and objects in the room to things from nature (like a seashell). When they are done, one of the children can remove an item and the other children can guess which item has been removed. This activity encourages the children to recall and remember multiple items - an excellent exercise for their brains!

The children played in pairs until all the items were taken away and they had to remember everything that was there. The kids had a lot of fun and enjoyed the challenge. They altered the game to make it easier/harder by the amount of items they took away each time.

To start with, only one child was interested in the game and so we played together. This really helped when more kids came along as the first child was able to teach others and run the game by themselves. As they played with their peers, they were able to come up with their own rules.

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