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Magic Potion Creations

This week at before school care the children were able to imagine and create their own 'Magic Potions' using a variety of coloured pencils, crayons and textas. As a small group we discussed what a potion is and how we can be creative about making one. We talked about what a potion would look like, how it might smell and what it would be used for. This activity was a great opportunity for the children to express their creativity and use their imagination to explore and create "magic potions". It was of great benefit to the children that they had various craft materials at their disposal to create. As each student worked independently they all developed their own potion by using their own knowledge and imagination. Children were able to practice their fine motor skills and experiment with a variety of materials including: paper, glue, textas, crayons and coloured pencils. Having the children utilise colour added an artistic and creative element to the task. In order to extend students in this activity, they were asked to write a sentence about why they chose to create the potion. The reason why one student decided to make a unicorn potion was because they "wanted unicorns to come to life". Having children think about their choice develops a sense of curiosity, creativity, imagination and experimentation.

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