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Milk Art Experiment

This afternoon the children experimented what would happen if we put different food colours in milk and then placed detergent in it. This experiment wasbsimilar to the pepper and water experiment we did last week so the children had prior knowledge they used to hypothesis and draw conclusions on what would happen during this experiment. We followed the instructions and placed four different food colours in the milk and used the tooth picks with detergent on it and discovered the food colours moved away from the tooth pick when we put it in the milk. The children all had a go placing a tooth pick in and then we conducted the same experiment, except this time we didn't put any detergent on. We found that without the detergent the food colours didn't move away in the same way it did with the detergent.

The children LOVED this experiment, it was so fun to see the colours all moving and mixing together to create new colours. The children are already familiar with hypothesising and experimenting through other recent experiments so they and were able to deepen these skills.

It was also great to see some children suggesting ideas for how we could try the experiment a different way to see if we could get a different result.

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