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11/5 Monday Morning Doll House Construction

This morning, some of the children began the challenge of constructing our very own dollhouse. We began by planning out the layout for our doll house, and one by one, the children chose the theme for each room. These include bedrooms, kitchen, movie room, bathroom and garage to begin. We divided the rooms amongst the children and we got to work designing the interior of each room. The children plan to construct their rooms or work on them a little bit each time they are at before or after school care and are excited to see the dollhouse take form. Each room is going to be a diorama made out of empty iPad boxes. The children plan to paint the details of their rooms on the backboard of the boxes, and manipulate different materials to create the furniture for each room.

The children were excited at the prospect of building their own designs for the dollhouse. They were inquisitive and asked many questions like "How big should i draw my plan?" and "do you think this furniture belongs in this room?:. It was excellent to see the children being creative and designing their respective rooms. As we are in the planing stage of construction, it was suggested to the children they should label their sketches, so that when anybody looks at their design, they can get a clear visual representation of what they plan the room to look like. The children showed excellent fine motor skills in their drawings, and demonstrated a basic understanding of scale, making sure that their furniture drawings were proportionate to the size of the iPad boxes. There was some great communication had between the children and with the Educators about their designs, which demonstrated their willingness and curiosity with designing different rooms, as well as positive interactions with each other; complementing ideas and offering feedback.

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