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Nutrition Ninjas

We see the need of infusing life skills into our activities at our OSHC program, and our engaging Nutrition Ninjas program is a good example. Hands-on experiences, such as cooking, not only provide a fun element, but also help children develop important life skills. Cooking allows students to acquire a variety of skills, from following instructions and understanding nutrition to developing fine motor skills. Nutrition Ninjas takes it a step further by allowing children to demonstrate their culinary talents and even cook dinners for their families on Mondays during After School Care. This innovative approach encourages not just practical cooking expertise but also cooperation, time management, and problem-solving abilities. We hope to provide children with practical skills that extend beyond the classroom by combining education with pleasurable activities, developing independence and a lifetime respect for healthy eating and living. If you're interested in how to get your child/ren involved in Nutrition Ninjas, come talk to an educator; we'd love to help.

Current ninjas don’t forget to bring your containers for your dinners!!

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