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Sleep and Rest at OSHC

Ensuring students at OSHC have the opportunity to sleep and rest is crucial for their overall well-being. Adequate sleep is essential for cognitive function and emotional and physical health. Through both spontaneous and routine sleep and rest opportunities, educators are able to support all children in their learning about the importance of sleep and rest and how to self-regulate. Educators are observant of children’s needs and support them in identifying and communicating their sleep and rest needs.

Routine sleep and rest experiences include guided meditation, stretching and reading. These experiences are used during transition periods to allow children to regulate and reset for the next session. As an example, we participate in group rest experiences at the end of before school as a way of resetting and refocusing for class.

The provision of a dedicated space like Zen Zone supports optimal learning experiences, fostering a positive environment aligned with our commitment to individualised care. This practice promotes children’s self-regulation as they are given freedom of choice to rest in a way that works for them.

We prioritise sleep and rest needs in our service programs through comprehensive policies and procedures, as outlined in 4.20 - Sleep and Rest. We encourage inclusivity and open communication with families about individual preferences in relation to sleep and rest.

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