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Sticky Spiders Webs

On Thursday afternoon the children built a spider web using electrical tape between two of the poles. The children had a blast deciding where they should place the sticky tape between the poles to make it look like a spider web and then experimented with throwing objects at it to see if they would stick.

The children were really excited to do this activity, at first only a couple of children were interested, however when they saw all the tape going up on the poles, they were interested in what was going on and came over to help. This activity allowed for the children to think about how a spider web looks and how they could create one so that they could catch objects in it. The children started by testing things to see if they would stick, at first they thought throwing handballs at the web might work, however, they then discussed how it might be better to start with something smaller and build up to bigger things. This activity developed gross motor skills as they tested throwing things from a certain distance before moving back and trying it again. It also developed their curiosity as they were given the opportunity think and test whether certain objects would stick. Aidan realised he had origami ninja stars in his bag and tested these, which the children soon discovered worked the best and so they focussed on throwing these from different distances. The children also discovered that the stars stuck better when there was more tape in one place because there was a bigger surface area to stick to. We had a lot of fun!

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