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Welcome back for Term 2!

As we welcome back term 2, we can’t help but think about all the fun and exciting things we got to do during vacation care. We started off strong with Mayfield Survivor, where the kids had to use their survivor skill and complete challenges throughout the day. The 3/4/5/6 then had so much fun at the beach for an excursion, whilst the preps, 1s, and 2s became detectives and had to solve the fairies mysteries, which led them to a fun surprise. The next day, the kids were busy practicing saving lives by learning CPR on our toys and then practicing those skills in different situations. We ended the first week of vacation care by having a fun-filled day of Easter activities and even an Easter egg hunt!!

Once the kids were back from their long weekend, we had an extra special day as we got to welcome chickens to the service. The next day, we learned the importance of self-care with a day full of different activities that can help us look after our bodies, such as yoga, meditation, and breathing techniques. We then had a day about all things Spanish, where educator Maddi taught us how to speak Spanish and we played lots of different games to help us practice these words. To end such an amazing vacation care, we spent the day dancing and playing games with a disco and pizza party!!!

Thank you to all the kids for making vacation care so much fun!! We can’t wait to see everyone back for Term 2!

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