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Welcome to 2020!

The new year has already taken off with a bang! We have already welcomed many new families who joined us over Vacation Care. We are very excited to see what 2020 has in store for Mayfield State School OSHC! Don't forget you need to fill out a Permanent Booking Form for the new year as bookings do not carry over into the new year. These are available for you next to the sign-in station.

A few updates for the new year

Nutrition Ninjas

We have moved our nutrition Ninjas day to TUESDAYS. If you would like to be a part of this program, please see an educator and fill out a booking form. If you would like to cancel a week of meals, please let the educators know THE WEEK BEFORE via email, phone or in person. We are excited to begin this program again this year.

Lost property

We notoriously have lots of lost property compiling at OSHC. It is important to make sure your child's name is on every item they bring to school. This will help in ensuring all of your items can find their way back to you. Our lost property box is located on our information table next to the door.

Extra Curricular activities

Please make sure you have filled out an extra curricular permission form for your child if they are attending extra curricular programs. All our permission forms are available next to the sign-in station at OSHC.

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