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What OSHC means to me.....

Recently we had a conversation with the children seeking their perspective of what OSHC means to them. Here are some heartfelt responses we received about what OSHC means to the children: - Playing in fun environments such as the fitness trail - Trying new and yummy foods. - Being a part of an amazing community. - Enjoying more playtime with my friends and creating new friends. - Felling supported and cared for. - Nurturing creativity. - Gaining valuable knowledge from our diverse educators - Playing with our favourite toys, for example hot wheels - Hanging out with educators that make us happy

To the children, OSHC is simply the best!!!

We love hearing what OSHC means to the children but we would also like to hear what it means to you as well!! Please share with us “What OSHC means to me…”

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