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Xplor Home Learning

Has everyone seen their Xplor home learning profiles? If not, that is all good, this post is for you! These profiles can be seen on the Xplor app or online and is definitely something to check out!!! On there, you will be able to see observations and learning stories posted on Playground about your child’s day and the parents can add comments to observations as well, creating a more collaborative environment. The parents can even write their own stories and share them with us via Playground.

If you would like some help accessing Xplor and Playground, please come and ask us; we would love to help, or you can check out this guide provided by Xplor.[0]=AT1JAtHF4bCjJleakSDQlePpAv_T6aQFfYAt54gjUHyp0GIkIOqqkr14R6zC7qMXnKPQbOeGjgpkvoRJRcTjKB0EV4vAk9arztlr4XtMHr9TWMgKkcWBXNs19gj2kc3zTuiZu-i_YUjabZFduMUju-LEGgeWBemKz573I6jMxv4WsS9Fvvi14FkJ5eFef4Ra_yp0MYHPyyAl

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