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Year 5/6 excursion

This Vacation Care the year 5s and 6s have planned an excursion to the Hologram Zoo at Cannon Hill. This was decided as the student identifies that they wanted to practice essential skills ready for high school. These include taking the public bus and paying for different things such as lunch. The students have organised all details including what buses to take, how much the day will cost them including lunch and buses as well as the risk management plan.

It is critical that the children participate in the activity planning and risk assessment processes. This is because it encourages children to think about and understand their own limits and abilities as possible risk in new environments. For example the children have recognised that getting lost and swooped as well as losing their money as possible risks. They have identified that getting lost is a likelihood of 1 and a risk level of low. If you would like to see other risk the students have identified please have a look at the plan attached.

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